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Pastels in the park in the past served the purpose of providing scholarships for youth, who couldn't afford to go to camps. With the advent of recent grants gateway is now increasing its program pallet and no longer needs to do Pastels in the park. Pastels and the park is now undergoing restructuring and redefining as an event and may return in another format in the future

Each July 4th Gateway Education holds a fundraiser event to generate sponsorship for the Gateway Summer Camp Program. These sponsorships help alleviate the cost of individuals attending the camp.

  • Pastels are not a chalk or crayola, they are pure color pigment and why the pieces are so bright.

  • It costs $700 to provide enough pastels and coffee for 30 3.5' x 3.5' art pieces each year.

  • Over 300 patrons have participated in Pastels in the Park.

  • Over 700 campers have been supported by Pastels scholarships.

  • 100% of Gateway Camp Scholarship money comes from Pastels in the Park.

  • 8 volunteers are required to make Pastels happen each year.

  • One pastel painting is a $275 sponsorship done by a group, individual or business.

  • Pastels never has been and never will be a competition.

  • It is the only event at the 4th of July that is completely different in appearance each year.

  • It is the only event of its kind in Del Norte County.

  • Some of the artists plan a year in advance for this event.

  • It is the only all day, work-in-progress event in Crescent City's 4th of July repertoire, with visitors returning frequently during the course of the day to view the works.

  • Some visitors come or return to Crescent City's 4th of July specifically for Pastels in the Park.

  • Scholarships are divided to cover the cost of Pastels in the Park and provide summer camp scholarships.


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