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Gateway Education provides a variety of summer experiences each year, focused on survival skills and self-awareness.  Our programs are carefully crafted, engaging experiences offering young campers the opportunity to learn basic wilderness survival and skills of self-awareness and self-exploration in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Outdoor Programs include:

  • Summer Day Camp

  • Advanced Camp

  • Disc Golf Camp

  • Wild Harvest Adventures

Come enjoy the magic of a community devoted to self exploration in nature and the arts.

Disc Golf

Disc golf is one of those rare sports that can be played and enjoyed at any age, in all weathers, all seasons and alone or in a group. The generous culture and the ease of learning made this sport an easy choice for a Gateway program.

Gateway supports many tournaments in the region and at home, provides lessons and equipment to the community at large, and supports the development of new disc golf courses from Curry County to Klamath, including the only beachfront course in the nation.
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Found Agate Theater Company produces plays and performances right here in Del Norte County!  Found Agate focuses on self-awareness through creative self-expression as well as the exploration of self through theater, performance and storytelling. 

Pastels in the Park

Gateway Education holds a fundraiser event every year on the 4th of July to generate sponsorship for the Gateway Summer Camp Program. Volunteer artists bring to life vivid, beautiful works in pastels in the middle of the downtown festivities.
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